Tips to Prevent HIV virus that causes AIDS

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AIDS disease caused by the HIV virus, the day continues to rise and threaten the lives of people across the world including in Indonesia. World AIDS Day which falls on December 1 recently, remind people of the world about the HIV virus so deadly. According to data from the Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia, there are 108 600 people infected with HIV and 43 667 already at the stage of AIDS spread in all provinces in Indonesia (within the period of 1987 to June 2013 in the second quarter report in 2013). The HIV virus can infect everyone from children, adolescents and adults, and the elderly. Then there any easiest tips to prevent HIV causes AIDS infects our body ... ???

Tips to Prevent HIV virus that causes AIDS
The HIV virus is a type of virus that is quite unique and weird by the way it works in the body to infect humans. The HIV virus weakens the immune system (immune) your body. With the immune system continues to decline and gradually does not work anymore, then with minor illnesses such as the flu, they could lead to the death of the sufferer. On this occasion, health tips will discuss a wide range of powerful tips that can avoid you from the HIV virus. Here are tips on the easiest to prevent HIV causes AIDS:

  1. Do not engage in intercourse or sex without marriage bond or a valid marriage recognized by the religious affiliation and the rules that apply in this beloved country.
  2. Faithful In One Pair. Kesetian a fixed price, for couples who want to always maintain their love relationship. Therefore, faithful to one partner to be able to avoid the death separates a person from being infected with this virus.
  3. Diligent Handwashing With Soap. With hands are always clean from viruses (which may be one of the HIV virus), then we too can be avoided body of one of the virus that attacks the immune system.
  4. Always Ensure needles Used To Injecting, Still New Or Disposal. This is because, the HIV virus can enter your ketubuh, if the syringe is the former used by people who have been infected with the HIV virus.
  5. Always ensure that any blood that you need have sterile or free from viruses (including HIV virouse).

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