Use Natural Face Masks More Fresh and Healthy

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Beauty Tips -Natural face mask is one of the tools and how to maintain skin moisture and natural beauty possessed. Why face mask so one important tool? Because the different facial skin with the skin on other body parts. Facial skin is usually more sensitive and need special treatment. Although more instant facial mask can be used and he said more benefits, natural face mask has its own advantages in treating the face.

Natural Face Masks
Natural Face Masks


Must not to Salon

The first thing so excess natural facial mask is that you no longer need to spend some time at any time to go to the salon for the sake of the use of face masks. Even with natural, you can get the care and benefits that class with a mask on salons. You can relax do everything at home, after a shower or before bed. You can also while doing other activities that are beneficial or when wearing a face mask, such as cooking or cleaning up the house or even a task that was not completed until the mask to fulfill their duties and need to be removed.

Fruits and Vegetables

To make natural face mask, you can use the fruits and vegetables. You can use one type of fruit or vegetable or incorporate some kind to get more varied. With apple and lemon, you can lift the excess oil. With papaya or avocado, you can moisturize. With the addition of yam or milk, you can whiten. Adequate nutrition can be given with a little extra honey. Sometimes for a refresher, you can cut cucumber or tomato paste as a sedative. Moreover, additional material like this makes maskeran time so time to rest and relax you is like when you do it in the salon. Almost all the fruit you can make your own mask. However, there is one thing you need to remember before applying the use of masks, which first identify your skin type so that no one chose. Although natural face mask, if one choose the properties given also be wrong.

Children Several Times a Week

One last thing you need to do to keep the facial skin with a natural face mask is discipline. Efficacy of the use of masks can not arise only with the use of only once or twice, but with regular use until a few months. Dosage can use 3-4 times per week. For starters, it is strongly recommended daily usage. When benefits already begun, the dose can be reduced use up to twice per week. Of course, if the routine use is stopped, the skin will lose nutrients, moisture, and elasticity. Therefore, it is important to spend some time in a week for a natural face mask to get healthy skin you desire.

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