Types of Cosmetic Ingredients

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Types of Cosmetic Ingredients
Types of Cosmetic Ingredients
Beauty Tips -Cosmetics are often used by women is the type of goods including the technology curve. Formerly used cosmetics are made from natural cosmetics that mixed traditional and hereditary introduced from great-grandmother to grandmother, from grandmother to granddaughter.

Technological developments also touch on cosmetics. Cosmetics started using materials and content appropriate cosmetics and better than most materials. It is a very good thing because it means better quality cosmetics. It's just that there are several components of cosmetics that actually need to be avoided because it has a negative effect if used.

Here are the types of cosmetic content to simply increase your knowledge.

Cosmetics require a solvent that can be incorporated materials. Usually the solvent used is water, ether, alcohol or oil. The solvent is needed to unite solids such as salts, such as glycerin liquid, and gas for example ammonia.

In addition to the solvent, so that dissolution can occur completely, it is necessary to emulsifier. Emulsifier is a substance that allows the merging of two different substances fused type. For example, to unify the fat and water. Examples of emulsifiers are beeswax, lanolin, alcohol, and fatty acid esters.

To keep cosmetics is not easy to expire and remain stable, there must be the content of cosmetics which acts as a preservative. Actually, a good preservative should that be natural. Preservatives such as alcohol, benzoic acid, formaldehyde and others should be avoided.

There cosmetics like powder that is not liquid and should be difficult to stick to the face. Hence the need for glue or adhesive. Usually there is the content of zinc stearate and magnesium stearate in powder.

To prevent infections and acne, cosmetics also megnandung substance penciut fasteners and skin tissue. Fasteners in the form of a mixture of alcohol and a low concentration of weak acid and some unique substance specific brand.

Powder which has the function to eliminate the effects of luster because of sweat should have absorbent substances or absorbent to remove sweat and oils. Cosmetics makers typically use mineral talc or calcium carbonate.

For added protection from germs and other microorganisms, often cosmetics containing disinfectant. Typically used disinfectant shaped alkkohol ethyl, propyl alcohol, boric acid, phenol, and quaternary ammonium compounds.

You should know that not all of the content that is derived from a substance or chemical compounds are good for health. Alcohol and other substances have properties that loud and offensive to your skin should be more sensitive than other body parts. You need to look too dangerous content such as mercury and hydroquinone that you always healthy.

To ensure your health, you can choose to buy a water-based cosmetics and natural materials or mineral materials are also not offensive as well as good for your skin.

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