Tips On Make Up For Concealing Acne

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Beauty Tips -Display the face with acne can really lower the confidence, especially when I had to look pretty to go to the reception or wedding party. For those of you who are currently grieve with facial acne condition, some of the following tips can be used to disguise the appearance of redness of acne blemishes using makeup.

However, it should be known that the use of makeup should look for a specific event that requires you to use it. As for everyday just use moisturizer, sunscreen and BB powder. Here are tips on makeup to hide acne-style make-up artist abroad:

Tips On Make Up For Concealing Acne
Tips On Make Up For Concealing Acne

1. Apply primer
After the face is cleaned, immediately brush moisturizer, wait about 3 minutes so absorbed by the skin. After that apply primer or makeup base. The primary function is to hide wrinkles, smoothing and also make a flat texture. In addition it also makes makeup primer will be more durable.

2. Use the Foundation
Apply foundation, choose fat-free composition. Preferably in the form of a liquid or gel. Foundation liquid or gel is useful to make the skin color becomes homogeneous, camouflage spots and acne without too memampetkan pores of the skin that will actually lead to acne increasingly bloated.

3. Application Concealer
Formula Concealer is not to be used for all areas of the face because it can clog pores and acne multiply. Use concealer with the same color or older level of skin tone. Concealer is taken using a finger, then apply only to areas with acne. Wearing the ring finger to pat the concealer blends with skin and looks natural.

4. The use of powder
Powder brush a thin layer only with evenly to all areas of the face to the neck. Use powder because lighter and extra safe for spotty skin. Powder was able to absorb the excess oil production in the face. Leave the use of solid powder because the powder form contain oil and instead will memampetkan pores which can further aggravate acne.

5. Application Blush and Bronzer On
The use of blush and bronzer can make the face look more fresh and sparkling. But for skin with acne, this kind of makeup can be the cause of acne worse. Blush, shimmering powder, bronzer and the like has a fine grain glow that can cover the pores. When it's good to leave a spotty face blush or bronzer use.

6. Application Matte makeup
Makeup that has a matte impression ideal for spotty skin. Apply foundation, concealer and powder that will produce no shiny appearance because it would give the impression of acne bumps not so visible. However makeup face with glossy impression will actually make acne more clearly exposed.

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