Slim Body and Face Getting Healthy

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Beauty Tips -Beauty face of the attention of all women in the world. In addition to beauty, health of body, face and body shape are also not spared to enhance their appearance. To get a slim body and a healthy face, follow these tips:

Realizing Body Slim and Healthy

Slim body is marked with a beautiful body shape. Proportionate part of the body so as to present the appearance of the marvels of the body. If you want a slim body ideal and healthy, set the pattern of living, dining, and activities. Set the pattern of life with pass activity can burn body fat is one step in realizing tbubuh slim and healthy. For that, you can exercise regularly like jogging, swimming, or fitness. Set also the time of your activity. Work activities in accordance with the schedule and get enough rest to recover.

Slim Body and Face Getting Healthy
Slim Body and Face Getting Healthy

Perfecting the slim body with diet can be healthy eating. Avoid foods high carbohydrate and fat. Regulate eating in accordance with the requirements so that the body does not store fat in the body. As for healthy food that is able to realize the slim body is vegetables and fruits. Fruits that contain vitamin C helps the destruction of fat in the body. In addition, vegetables and fruits help expedite your digestive system. Therefore, lansing and healthy body without a protruding belly will beautify your body shape.

Realizing a Healthy Face

Slim and healthy body would be perfect if you are healthy and beautiful face. To realize a healthy slim body and face, you can do sports or gymnastics face good face increasing health face. This way, you will be perfect. The facial exercises are beneficial for your facial beauty is:

Gymnastics facial skin tightening

To tighten facial skin, you can put both hands on both the left and right cheek. Usapkanlah slowly and give a little pressure from the bottom up. Pat pat your face gently and repeat this exercise 10 times face.

Facial gymnastics remove wrinkles under the lip

To realize a healthy face under the lip and removing the lining, you can perform the same movement with the above manner apada chin. Do this exercise 10 times the face by the other sections.

Sports face to tighten the lips

To tighten the lips, rub with pressure on the skin over the Bibis of direction in the direction of the outer lip. Perform this exercise 10 times. Additionally, gymnastics lips like lip movements such as kissing, sucking up the cheeks pucker up and make cheeks bulging muscles in your neck interested. Optimize realize healthy slim body and face on a regular basis to make you look stunning lenih.

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