Only 5 Minutes to Get Sixpack Abs!

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Fitness -Many people complain of not having enough time to exercise. Other complaints came from people who are a bit 'lazy' exercise sequence that is too long, especially when they do exercises to form a sixpack stomach.

Only 5 Minutes to Get Sixpack
Only 5 Minutes to Get Sixpack Abs!
 Now there is a new breakthrough to resolve your problem! If you want a quick exercise that can form a sixpack stomach and burn more calories, then the time you need just 5 minutes every day. Yes, just 5 minutes!

And if you are still grounded in this short time, maybe you need to question your determination to get a sixpack stomach.

Here is the pattern of practice:
The following exercise consists of three exercises that you must solve using circuit training. Do not forget to prepare the stopwatch you actually complete the following exercises within 5 minutes.

1. Mountain Climber | 30 s
Mountain Climber
Stages of Implementation:
  • Position the body such as the movement of push ups
  • Both hands resting on the floor and right leg bent forward
  • Swap the position of the left and right foot quickly so that your right leg straight back and left leg bent in the direction of the body
  • Repeat for 30 seconds
2. Plank | 30 s

Stages of Implementation:
  • Take a push-up position
  • Body weight rests on both hands
  • Both legs straight back
  • Contract your abdominal muscles
  • Hold this position within 30 seconds
3. Bicycle Crunch | 30 s
Bicycle Crunch
Stages of Implementation:
  • The position of the body lying on the floor with a straight stick to the floor
  • Both hands are placed on the side of the head
  • Lift both legs slightly upward
  • Bend your left leg and right alternately like pedaling a bicycle
  • Lift your head and upper body and point your right elbow to your left knee alternately
  • Perform 30 seconds
Repeat the above three exercises until time of 5 minutes in the stopwatch has ended. You should do these exercises 5 minutes of non-stop or break a few seconds pause each circuit.

For best results, do not forget your Balance always exercise with a diet low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Well, have a nice try!

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