Inviting Dog Tricks Streets

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Dog tricks -All dogs, of any kind requires the activity that can channel his energy. One simple activities that can be done is to take her out. For larger breeds minimum required approximately 40 minutes in a single course. Walking also will make the dog brain develops. Use the following trick when your pet dog walks, in order to comply with your dog, instead you have to follow it.

Inviting Dog Tricks Streets
Inviting Dog Tricks Streets
  1. Use rope guided only when a dog in a state of calm.
  2. Before running you have to make sure in the mood, good mood, because the dog can feel your energy. The dog would not want to follow a weak leader.
  3. You should always be the first out of the door of a new home followed by a dog. Similarly, when you go home, ask the dog to wait, go first and followed the dog. Remember the dog world leader always goes ahead.
  4. During the walk with the dog, make sure he is always beside or behind you, not walk in front of you. Remember, you will determine where, when, turning, etc., not your dog!
  5. During the walk do not ever let a dog sniffing the road, stopped to urinate, chasing the cat or the way to and fro yourself, give corrections and make sure the road is always beside or behind you to give a new finish to pee and play.
  6. Do it every day, morning and evening, feel the changes in your dog.

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