Easy Tricks Make Up For Beginners

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Beauty Tips -Applying makeup that makes the most out pretty face look even really not easy. Moreover for the girl who had recently learned to wear makeup. But by no means make up a face like that done by the makeup artist can not get. Some tricks easy to dress the face following may be suitable for those of you who are just learning makeup yourself:

Easy Tricks Make Up For Beginners
Easy Tricks Make Up For Beginners

1. Make a slanted eyes wider
Which have slanted eyes, big eyes impression and character can be obtained with the use of eyeliner and eyeshadow shades concentrated. Create a line of eyeliner past the corner of the eye, and then create the wing shape or cat eyes towards the top. Use also eyeliner on the outer corner of the bottom of the eye, but only at the edges only.
While the use of eyeshadow, you can apply a variety of dark color that is applied along the line of the eyes and then assimilated to the eyelid. May also apply blending with the corner of the eye utilizing black eyeshadow to highlight the eyes look.

2. Camouflage acne on the face
For owners face with acne, use a tinted foundation older one level or at least not the same color in the same skin tone. This technique will make the acne is camouflaged with a more natural result. As for the powder, may use level is brighter than skin tones.

3. Applications Blush on a more equitable
For beginners it is recommended to use powder blush because it's easier to use. A brush size, use blush on the cheekbones start heading into sticking to the cheek area when smiling. Sweep blush began outside to the inside will make the color more evenly and make the cheeks look flushed.

5. Make eyeliner looks smooth
Some women have difficulty wearing liquid eyeliner because when it is used, the line made seemed fine. You may outsmart with interesting angles using your fingers, then apply eyeliner on the line according to the eye. This technique will make the lines look smoother eyeliner. The use of eyeliner is easier and invisible chaotic.

4. Make eyebrows look natural
Enable eyebrow pencil in an effort to make the form and confirms the brow line. Making the right eyebrow length must not exceed the outer corner of the eye. While the inner eyebrows, wear measuring tip of the brush or pencil and then make an outline of the nasal bone to the inner corner of the eye. Starting from there can begin to make eyebrows. To obtain a thick eyebrows and looks natural, it is recommended to combine the use of tangible eyebrow pencil and powder. Pencil handy to create eyebrow arch, while the eyebrow powder is used to thicken the inner eyebrow. By using a brow brush or your fingers to make it look bold blend blended.

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