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Taming Dogs

Dog tricks -Vicious dogs need special handling so that he becomes more tame and approachable. Try some of the following tricks:

Taming Dogs
Taming Dogs

  1. Enter your dog in a cage or tied to a pole in the corner of the house that is protected from the heat and rain. Choose a location that is quiet and not traveled. Leave it there for a few days.
  2. During dogs in cages or tied up, do not give food and drink for a while. This is going to make the body become limp. However, the level of emotion will mnurun and easily aroused when tempted with food. At this time taming process can begin.
  3. During the process of domestication, dogs guard lest he fall ill. Adjust the size of the dog fasting time. For small breeds is 1-2 days.
  4. After fasting, the next day the dog go while calling her name. If he is barking and trying to plow sign emotional level is still high. Delay practice to wait for the right time while you see its development.
  5. If the dog is already down emotions and fierce again, grab containers commonly used for drinking dog. Pour half a cup of water, then put in the cage. The amount of drinking water should be slightly but routinely given. In this way the frequency to meet you with the dog became more frequent.
  6. So that the dog would approach the drinking container, you could pretend to be hiding behind a door or wall. However, the eyes keep watch every move the dog.
  7. An hour later give more water to drink. Repeat this exercise until the dog to drink even though an owner. Bagun closeness to give him words of praise. Hold the container minumya with your right hand when dogs drink and rub the head or neck with his left hand.
  8. After going to drink, let the dog eat. The process is similar to the way the provision of drinking. However, keep the dog would take a feed from the palm of your hand. With so the dog could get to know who the owner is. Do this while chatting him to be more familiar.
  9. Take the dog out of the cage began to tame. The trick, dog approached slowly, do not panic behave as relaxed as possible. Do not make a move that provoked spontaneous reaction. Take him to talk with a friendly soft nasa.
  10. Wipe the head or neck with his left hand so that the dog was calm. Then, attach the leash slowly. Remove the impression that it would hurt her rope. If the rope has been attached to the body, try not to be replaced. Dogs will easily recognize it because of the smell of rope in accordance with his scent.
  11. Let the dog out of the cage itself. Do not make a surprise as interesting movement forced the dog. If it do not expect a dog to be friendly.

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