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How to Register PaidVerts and Great Income Strategy - PaidVerts one PTC site that is unique from the script and how to earn money, because the income and the value of the magnitude of BAP-click advertising (Ad Bonus Points) held serve to get some paid ads certain clicks thus greater BAP held, then the ads that appear on the dashboard will have a greater fee.

Best PTC
How to register and strategies in order to earn more, follow the tutorial below in detail:

  1. Click for Create Acount
  2. Then login to the member area
  3. Click "Paid Ads" in the menu section to the right
  4. Click "Bonus View Ads" to see and display ads
  5. 3 Copy and paste the word in the box provided at the bottom of her
  6. Wait 30 seconds, then click on "confirm" on the top right hand after 30 seconds
  7. After the Close tab there reading advertisement "completed" at the top of the right
  8. Back to menu click on the ad and click the "View another ad" at the bottom to see and click on another ad
  9. For information wishful forget kli all existing ads are ads available daily BAP to enlarge Ad Points
As a side note: Each click of cash advertising, automatically points will be reduced, the greater the cash ad is clicked, the greater the points are reduced, in essence we obtain the amount of cash advertising depends on the size of the points the early per-click advertising and obligatory BAP (Ad bonus Points).
Strategies income members of PaidVerst note the following steps:
  • Mandatory click advertising cash and especially the point
  • Collect as many points as possible with a minimum of 2500 and upgrade member (cuman $ 0.05)
  • Pursue "Milestones Account" get free points up to 2 million points (can see it on MEMBERS HOME PAGE section, located on the top menu)
  • From $ 0.05 Upgrade Members will generate up to $ 1 + (length depends on the level of cash ad is clicked)
  • Enlarge Point with Purchase Advertising Packages $ 1 (can be from the cash balance / via the payment processor) because it is recommended if it can be $ 1 if I can buy advertising packages used for add 3100 points bap. (If you want more abundant again $$ it, buy an ad package $ 1 / pack and upgrade their account) 

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