6 Benefits Ice Cubes for Skin!

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Beauty Tips -There are some interesting ways that you can do to further enhance the appearance of the skin. One of them in a way that is very easy, the use of water ice or ice cubes.

Curious to know what are the properties of ice to the skin if done regularly? It may be that ice cubes will become a favorite material for you when already know what are the benefits for the skin:

Ice Cubes for Skin
Beauty Tips

1. Make Skin Face Shines
Applying ice on the surface of the skin on a regular basis, can improve blood circulation in the face, so the effect will produce more natural light to the face. For better results, you can use ice cubes from liquid fruits.

2. Reduce Acne Scars Blemish
Rubbing ice cubes on the skin will reduce the redness of acne scars and skin inflammation. Try to treat acne that appears to apply ice directly on the pimple. This can be done for a few seconds, until the acne becomes numb. For maximum results, do every day in the evening.

3. Reduce Under Eye LingkaranGelapdi
Use a mixture of rose water and cucumber juice frozen to eliminate dark circles under your eyes. Dark circles under the eyes are usually caused by the habit of staying up. But the spread of ice cubes from the mixture can reduce black bags under your eyes.

4. Smooth Skin
If you want the easiest and cheapest way to smooth the skin surface, ice is one of the best options. Applying ice to the skin surface is recommended by beauty experts before you apply makeup. This will make the skin more smooth surface, and use a more equitable foundation for water ice or ice cubes can minimize the pores of the skin.

5. Substitute Tricks Rona in Cheek
You are in a hurry to get ready to go out of the house, and did not have enough time to apply perfect makeup? Do not worry, just use a cloth or handkerchief to wrap an ice cube, then apply to the surface of the skin. As a result, your face will look more fresh, glowing, and blushing, although without the perfect makeup.

6. Prevent Wrinkles Arrival
Ice cubes can shrink pores, and minimize magnifying. If your skin is oily, ice cubes can help balance the oil levels, and improve skin appearance. Cold water also keep skin rejuvenation and refreshing. Do it before going to bed after you apply the cream night to maximize its benefits.

Well, now you already know berbagaikhasiat ice cube to the skin. Ready to try?

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