10 Google Tricks

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There is a unique and interesting things behind the Google site, a site most popular search engine in the world. Just to share knowledge, we will mention some of the unique things. If so far you think google can only be used to get and capture various information, google site can also make us smile with silly things that you never imagined possible before. Is that .. ??

1. Google Sites oblique (Google.com)

Google TricksPlease type the word askew in the search field on google.com and see what happens. You know, somehow like it, then you will see the google site looks crooked.

2. Google Sites rotating (Google.com)

Google Tricks
Which is more interesting, by inserting the word Do a barrel roll on the google search field accompanied by pressing the enter / search, then Google the site will automatically rotating one.

3. The entire contents of the writing melt (Google.com)

Google Tricks
Please type the word Zerg Rush on Google.com site and see what happens on the search results that appear. One by one, the entire content will melt and disintegrate hit the letter O in urging down until exhausted.

4. Enjoy the rap song in Google Translate (Google.com)

Google Tricks
Want to translate foreign languages, Google Translate solution. It is not clear to the spelling, then you just press the small speaker icon at the bottom. However, now you try to listen spelling for the following words pv zk bschk zk pv zk bschk zk pv zk bschk zk pv zk. What is happening is emerging voice rap song

5. Play Pacman on Google Sites (Google.com)

Google Tricks
Maybe this one is not too foreign, we all pretty much already know about Google Doodles and some interesting applications, one of which is a Pacman game. Yup exactly once, through Google Doodles we can play some games made by google direct / live on the Google website, one of the most interesting games pacman, if you want to try it, please visit

6. Google Mirror / Reversed (Non Google.com)

Google Tricks
Looks like the original site, it's just that everything seems upside down, including when we type in keywords to search results, too,
see here.

7. Google Space (Non Google.com)

Google Tricks
Seemed to be at the top of the sky, all the letters and images float - fly with light, see here.

8. Google gravity (Non Google.com)

Google Tricks
Google Gravity is the opposite of Google space. If it had been seen floating on Google gravity all it will fall down, see here

9. Google circle round (Non Google.com)

Google Tricks
Unique look when the whole site together and form a three-dimensional circle round like a ball and keep moving, see here.

10. Google Rainbow

Google Tricks
All text on the page Google Rainbow will light and flickering in various colors like a rainbow. see more

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